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Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd

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  • Company Name: Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd
  • City/Province: Alberta
  • Country: Canada
  • Address: 10731- 180 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Zip Code: T5S 1G6
  • International Area Code: 1
  • Phone: 780-708-4110 (+1-780-708-4110)
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • About Us: Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd is a Canadian Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Consulting company providing engineering consulting, material testing, and construction quality control services in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Northwest Territories — and The Middle East.
  • Profile: Some of our specialties are presented below: - geotechnical engineering consulting - geotechnical site investigations - geotechnical and geo-environmental analysis and design - footing and piled foundations - footing inspection - pile inspection and pile load testing - slope stability analysis and landslide remediation - shoring and retaining walls - ground improvement, seepage control, and swelling control - geotechnical failure investigation (forensic engineering and expert witness/expert opinion) - foundation repair - slope failure repair and stabilization - geotechnical design for preventive and remedial measures - soil testing - nuclear density measurements (soil compaction testing) - concrete testing - asphalt testing - aggregate testing - soil-cement and grout design and testing - field and laboratory testing - construction inspection - construction compliance report and certification - frozen ground engineering in continuous and discontinuous permafrost - geotechnical engineering for dams - geotechnical engineering for tunnels - geotechnical engineering for nuclear power plants - geotechnical engineering for oil, gas, power, and pipeline industries - geotechnical engineering for mining and metal industries - numerical and laboratory modeling - advanced and routine geotechnical field and laboratory testing - research and development Environmental consulting services - Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) phase I, phase II, and phase III - environmental engineering - environmental audit and monitoring - environmental testing - environment restoration - environment protection - contamination cleanup - environmental sampling and testing - geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering for mining and industrial waste management - municipal solid wastes and landfills - in situ treatment for soils and sediments - off-site and on-site treatment - industrial wastes - soils sampling technologies - water sampling technologies - sanitary landfills - specialized numerical modeling for environmental hazard assessment, contamination transport, contamination retention, and contamination cleanup - periodic sampling for groundwater quality tests for rural and recreational developments - design and monitoring of frozen ground barriers for controlling contamination transport - environmental expert witness - recommendation for concrete and steel constructions in harsh soils - environmental research and development
  • Area: Alberta

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